n. & v.
1 a the word by which an individual person, animal, place, or thing is known, spoken of, etc. (mentioned him by name; her name is Joanna). b all who go under one name; a family, clan, or people in terms of its name (the Scottish name).
2 a a usu. abusive term used of a person etc. (called him names). b a word denoting an object or esp. a class of objects, ideas, etc. (what is the name of that kind of vase?; that sort of behaviour has no name).
3 a famous person (many great names were there).
4 a reputation, esp. a good one (has a name for honesty; their name is guarantee enough).
5 something existing only nominally (opp. FACT, REALITY).
6 (attrib.) widely known (a name brand of shampoo).
1 give a usu. specified name to (named the dog Spot).
2 call (a person or thing) by the right name (named the man in the photograph).
3 mention; specify; cite (named his requirements).
4 nominate; appoint, etc. (was named the new chairman).
5 specify as something desired (named it as her dearest wish).
6 Brit. Parl. (of the Speaker) mention (an MP) as disobedient to the chair.
Phrases and idioms:
by name called (Tom by name). have to one's name possess. in all but name virtually. in name (or name only) as a mere formality; hardly at all (is the leader in name only). in a person's name = in the name of. in the name of calling to witness; invoking (in the name of goodness). in one's own name independently; without authority. make a name for oneself become famous. name after (US for) call (a person) by the name of (a specified person) (named him after his uncle Roger). name-calling abusive language. name-child (usu. foll. by of) one named after another person. name-day
1 the feast-day of a saint after whom a person is named.
2 Brit. = ticket-day. name the day arrange a date (esp. of a woman fixing the date for her wedding). name-drop (-dropped, -dropping) indulge in name-dropping. name-dropper a person who name-drops. name-dropping the familiar mention of famous people as a form of boasting. name names mention specific names, esp. in accusation. name of the game colloq. the purpose or essence of an action etc. name-part the title role in a play etc. name-plate a plate or panel bearing the name of an occupant of a room etc. name-tape a tape fixed to a garment etc. and bearing the name of the owner. of (or by) the name of called.
put one's name down for
1 apply for.
2 promise to subscribe (a sum). what's in a name? names are arbitrary labels. you name it colloq. no matter what; whatever you like.
nameable adj.
Etymology: OE nama, noma, (ge)namian f. Gmc, rel. to L nomen, Gk onoma

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